We provide you with boundless enthusiasm, dedication, a love of detail and decades of experience to our interior designs for high-end, privately owned residences and independently operated industrial projects like offices, hotels and workspace.


Working with top manufacturers, our internationally experienced team has also successfully ventured into the design of furniture, lighting, carpeting and wallpaper via our recently launched division, Products by THE ROOMSTORY Collection.


The translation of emotions into imaginative design concepts that we tailor into bespoke, well-appointed interiors. Five key principles inform and shape our work as the DNA of everything we do: Culture, Authenticity, Contemporary Elegance, Experience, and Innovation.

THE ROOMSTORY Ltd. focuses on the constantly changing needs of our society and analyses the latest developments so we could be able to offer the best solution for every project. Functionality is the best basis for work and is the result of experience. Atmosphere is the playing field used by our creative staff, who repeatedly find surprising solutions.